3rd post -- Review: Dave's Electric Beer

Ok so this blog isn't going to just be a bunch of punk mp3's not that there's anything wrong with that but I want this blog to really encompass the things I like. One thing I really like is beer. I'm not talking about cheap ass beer, I'm talking about good beer. Now I'm not one of those overly pretentious beer reviewers that rates the frothiness of the head or looks for nutty or fruity hints of flavor. Nope, I love beer and can be a bit of beer snob but I love my beer right out of the bottle just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from on things.

Now that we've got that out of the way, in keeping with my Arizona theme so far I decided I'd do my first review on Dave's Electric Beer brewed in Bisbee Arizona.

First a little history on the beer and the brewer. Brewed in Bisbee by Dave Harvan, Dave's Electric started brewing on New Years Eve of 2000. Dave however had been brewing beer well before that time. After microbreweries first became legal in 1987 in Arizona, Dave applied for and received the first permit to brew. He brewed beer for 4 years until he was busted for a marijuana related incident. After a few years in the pen Dave got out and went to college to take up welding. With his new knowledge of welding and existing knowledge of refrigeration and electrical work he started to build his own brewery from scratch. How cool is that?

So now that we've got a little background on this guy and his beer lets commence the review.

Dave's Electric is a good example of a light American style lager. I believe it comes in at around 5% but I'm not sure as I don't see it anywhere on the label. It's definitely not watery. My overall impression of the beer is favorable. I can definitely taste hops, lots of hops (I've read that he really enjoys hopping up his beer). I also noticed that I didn't detect a hint of our crappy Arizona water. It's my understanding that he does a reverse osmosis thing to clean the water which is good because the water in this state sucks almost everywhere. It's got a good flavor, not too light like Buttwiper and not skunky like a Heineken. I can see similarities with Samuel Adams. The prices is reasonable too. I believe I scored it for the nice price of $6.99 for a six pack at Topps Liquors in Tempe. Overall I'd say that it would go good with a nice steak, it's great on a hot day and it's brewed right here in Arizona and you can't go wrong with that. So here's my overall on it:

On a 1-5 scale with 1 being horrible and 5 being fantastic

Overall: 3.5 for being a good solid lager brewed in my homestate!

This is my first beer review and any criticism would be appreciated. Thanks.


Now for my second post -- The Useless Pieces of Shit

So for my second post I thought I'd post one of my favorite 7 inch records I've discovered in the last couple of years. The Usesless Pieces of Shit were a punk band from Tucson Arizona back in the 80's. This is their only official release and came out in 1987. They played with a lot of bands that came through Tucson and they also played in Phoenix. These songs are great and only one of them clocks in at more than 2 minutes. One of my favorite tracks is Junkie Punks which I think is a bit of a play on DK's Nazi Punks Fuck Off. I'm also partial to Peace Through Uselessness. Good times for sure. When searching for more info on them I discovered that this had already been posted to another blog but I felt I'd post it anyways. I didn't rip this at a high quality but it should suffice. I also recently acquired some old Phoenix & Tucson fliers and will probably be posting scans of them soon too. The file is about 15mb and the whole album is zipped it shouldn't take too long to download with a decent connection. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

A link to the album including the front cover:


Also thanks goes out to straight edge ryan for letting me know about mediafire.